Chi(1) Orionis

Proper names: Chi(1) Orionis, 54 Orionis, Chi Orionis
Catalog numbers:
     Gliese (Gl) 222, Henry Draper (HD) 39587, Bonner Durchmusterung (BD) +20°1162, Hipparcos Input Catalog (HIC) 27913, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) 77705, Hoffleit Bright Star (HR) 2047
Age: 100 million years
Source for age: Don C. Barry, "Chromospheric Age Dependence of…", APJ 334
Heavy element abundance: 104% of Sol
Standard error in heavy element abundance: 17%
Source for heavy element abundance: Strobel [Fe/H] Determinations
Arity: binary
Right Ascension and Declination: 5h54m22.941s, +20°16'34.31" (epoch 2000.0)
Distance from Sol: 28.26 light-years (8.663 parsecs)
Standard error in distance: 0.927%
Source for distance: Hipparcos
Celestial (X,Y,Z) coordinates in ly: 0.650, 26.50, 9.792
Galactic (X,Y,Z) coordinates in ly: -27.90, -4.324, -1.049
Proper motion: 0.21 arcsec/yr (244.0° from north)
Radial Velocity: -13.4 km/sec
Source for proper motion and radial velocity: Gliese
Galactic (U,V,W) velocity components in km/s: 13.45, 2.740, -8.097

What do all these fields mean?

Data for A and B's orbit around one other:
Combined spectrum: G0 V
Combined apparent visual magnitude: +4.40
Combined absolute visual magnitude: +4.71
Combined visual luminosity: 1.136 x Sol
Observed Separation: 5.198 A.U.s

Component A:
Diameter: 1.490 x Sol
Source for diameter: Apparent Diameters and Absolute Radii of Stars (Fracassini+ 1988)

Component B:

but not more than light-years away
Data for this star system were most recently updated on 4-April-2001.